Introducing Lady Bon Vivant!

I always feel a bit sad and wistful this time of year as summer slowly, but surely, turns into autumn in the Northern hemisphere. But then I start to think about all the new beauty trends and colors that will come along with the cooler temps and falling leaves and I get that same yearly sense of seasonal giddiness I always do as the leaves begin to change. And so, with a new season upon us, it seems only fitting to launch my new website and blog, Lady Bon Vivant

What the heck is Lady Bon Vivant you ask? It's a moniker I created and gave myself to express the way I try to embrace all that life has to offer. A bon vivant is someone who enjoys a sociable and luxurious lifestyle, but a lady bon vivant? Well, she enjoys a sociable, luxurious, confident, and passionate lifestyle -  at any age, size, style type, and price point. This is how I strive to live my life and it's a lifestyle I want to help other women live as well. I want YOU to feel beautiful as you live your most beautiful life, which I can help you achieve with my product and trend knowledge and my love of the world of beauty. 

Read this blog to find product reviews, trends, personal beauty favorites, on-line and in-store shopping tips, hidden gems, and thoughts about the world of fashion and beauty, as told from my perspective and point of view as an everyday, on-the-go Midwestern lady bon vivant. Take the information and apply it to create or enhance your own personal beauty identity. And eventually I'll be able to help one-on-one as your own personal beauty guide. Stay tuned for more information on that exciting venture!

My goal is to make this website and blog as useful as I can and to build a beauty community together. Please comment or contact me  with requests for what YOU want to see and read about. 

Keep an eye out over the next few weeks for posts on new fall trends, such as greige and the return of the 90s, and those tried and true trends that come back round every year, such as berry lips and the ever-present smokey eye. I hope you're as giddy and ready to get started as I am! 

Let me know what kind of posts you'd like to see: shopping hauls, reviews for specific brands or type of makeup, tip & tricks... The possibilities are endless and I want to hear from YOU!  

Yours in beauty, 

Shannon (aka Lady Bon Vivant)